Social responsibility

Social responsibility
Power is nothing without control” – Patrick de Gayardon

Adria Congrex believes that the performance of a company must be combined with an ethical and responsible vision of its operations. The corporate strategy of a business must be complemented by concerns that go beyond the mere economic aspect.

For this reason, Adria Congrex has adopted a Code of Ethics that defines the commitment of its people and gives a higher value to the services offered: a socially responsible company that equally protects the economic, environmental and social expectations of all its stakeholders, also in order to achieve the objective of a competitive advantage in the long term.

This attitude is increasingly important, both locally (as businesses live and operate in a social context, in a community) and internationally (in the global competitive scenario).

Code of Ethics

We believe in people and in the passion that each of us spends in his/her own work. We feel we are part of a team, and not just individual players: we win only as a team, and not as individuals. We should never forget that our work always affects the work of those around us: sensitivity for us is invaluable. We always perceive the need to provide our Customers with a quality service, delivered with great care and professionalism.

We recognize the crucial role of human resources and believe that an essential factor of the success and development of Adria Congrex is the professional contribution of the people who work with us every day with determination and enthusiasm. High quality levels, the protection of the environment and the promotion of the economic and social development of the communities in which we operate are the values that inspire and define the mission of Adria Congrex.

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AVSI distance support projects

Since its inception, Adria Congrex has made a sincere friendship with AVSI, an association that organizes development and cooperation projects in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbeans, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. AVSI is a distance support and child sponsorship program, with numerous projects in which we have immediately felt the urge to participate.

Since 1991, Adria Congrex has been engaged with AVSI in supporting various distance adoptions.

This exciting adventure began with a little girl named Emily. Then came Eduarda, while today it is the turn of Mariana: she is 2 years old and lives in Samambaia, one of the many satellite cities of Brasilia.

The results achieved with distance support have been more than satisfactory, which makes us very proud. Emily and Eduarda have been closely followed in their school education with projects aimed at integrating them in informal urban areas and in protecting their health.

These girls took part in many fun and cultural activities in friendly settings, which helped them gain awareness of their own skills and express their feelings. Now we are doing the same for Mariana.

The support given to these children is of the utmost importance for their lives and future. That is why Adria Congrex will continue in this commitment, which provides us with the opportunity to experience unprecedented closeness to distant worlds.

As an AVSI operator engaged in North Uganda said: “In order to spark self-confidence, self-esteem and awareness of their skills in children, to promote their growth as a human beings capable of handling life and its challenges, they must have had the opportunity – at least once in their life – to experience a good human environment, to be looked at with positive eyes, to be trusted, understood and welcomed.”


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