Marketing and Territory

ACX is a spin-off of the largest hotel management entity in Italy; hospitality, travel and territory storytelling are in our DNA.

Others carry. We care.” We deploy all our organizational skills in taking care of booking, logistics and travel, for a full handling of the customer’s needs, from the start of the journey until its conclusion.


Territorial Marketing

We develop and implement territorial marketing strategies. We take care of relationships between businesses, institutions and communities, in a context of public and private participation for a common growth.

International Conference on Real Estate Statistics - statistiche immobiliari

Business travel

We offer a corporate travel booking service for the management and coordination of business travels, also providing ad hoc experiences and escort services. We also provide professional consulting and tools to help our Customers streamline their expenses and assess the estimated benefits of travelling in connection with the company’s requirements.

International Conference on Real Estate Statistics - statistiche immobiliari - ACX

Logistics and Booking

From travel management to hotel booking, from local transfers to any other customer reception and information service. During the organization of an event, we take care of our customers, guests and suppliers with accuracy, efficiency and empathy.

International Conference on Real Estate Statistics - statistiche immobiliari - ACX

Destination Rimini

We are experts in our territory, where, in over 30 years of business, we have established relationships with all the local institutions. We know every corner, every exclusive location and every commodity of Rimini, which allows us to ensure an excellent service for anyone who chooses our city as the destination of their event.

We are a partner of Rimini Welcome – Destination Management Company, which is the official DMC of the city of Rimini that manages the brand VisitRimini that since 2019 deals with information, reception and tourism promotion.

Our projects

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