European tenders for works, supplies or services contracts represent a solid market in great expansion but still too little known by medium-sized italian companies. To get an idea of the business size, just think that international tenders account for 15-20% of governments, regions and supranational organizations (such as the European Commission) budget.

In addition to that,  European tenders represent a stable market where counterparties offer both political and commercial guarantees and assured payments . Every week European Union bodies and agencies publish from 40 to 100 calls for tenders in all economic sectors but, nevertheless, the level of competition is quite low.

A further boost to the sector came from the promulgation of the new European directive on public procurement (published February 26, 2014), which made procedures easier and simplified bureaucracy for small and medium-sized enterprises.  Even after these facilitations, however, an increased interest from Italian companies came not. Few of them know the opportunities related to international procurement and few have the capabilities to interface with foreign Contracting Authority with the linguistic skills and techniques needed.

There are almost no Italian professionals who can provide wide-ranging advices, enriched by many years of hands-on experience. Adria Congrex, counting on some professionals on the subject, has decided to arrange courses – strongly oriented towards a practical and dynamic approach – recommended for companies and consultants wishing to acquire skills in order to effectively respond to tenders called by European institutions and, by doing that, to open up new horizons and important developments for their business.