Working next to doctors, healthcare operators, associations, to ease scientific relations while keeping a high profile in the area of communication: this is the style that has never failed us through so many years in the business, focussing on the world of medical congresses. Seeing the awareness of our professional support growing over all these years next to important men of science has strengthened our belief that the role of a good organisational-communication partner is increasingly decisive to the symbiosis that binds the world of Research to the industrial world.

In addition, by being an accredited ECM Provider (no.1783), we can work in every area of the healthcare education world.

Nursing congresses

An industry that is increasingly stealing the limelight with its growing strategic role and values in the complex world of healthcare. ACX’s contacts with the nurses’ galaxy are not limited to just few of the most authoritative Italian nursing associations (Ipasvi, Aico, Anin, Aio, Aiia), but they always pull out all the stops to give visibility to this profession, in the scientific programmes we see in our work.

Ginaecology congresses

Under the “big umbrella” of the Italian Association of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, in the last few years Adria Congrex has followed the intricate world of Italian Gynaecology, managing its national congresses, a perfect combination of hospital and academic worlds, along with the full network of specialist members and partners.

Pediatrics congresses

ACX’s eye is on the world of Paediatrics too, one of the most far-ranging, viable and dynamic worlds for congresses. And the first-class role that Paediatrics plays on the Web should not be underestimated either: a very telling indicator of the mental dynamics of this world!

Surgery congresses

The undisputed attraction of this discipline is aptly reflected in the quick, unceasing evolution it goes through, in terms of technological breakthroughs. And this is very tellingly echoed by the enthusiasm with which the branches of surgery use the ITC world.

Cardiology congresses

This is the branch of medicine in which since the Eighties Adria Congrex has historically developed its broadest expertise in scientific associations, individual event-promoting GPs or companies.

This is the Area in which we have developed dissemination strategy plans applied to congresses and have launched pioneering communication methods with greatly visible results; and the same goes for our social-healthcare awareness-raising campaigns, where our role as a liaison between the scientific, corporate and social parties has been the most effective ever.