Since we started to measure our technical-organisational skills with the strictness of a ceremonial protocol, we realised that the diplomatic-institutional area feeds and thrives on the celebration of the detail, on care for detail, where many semantic channels of institutional communication live, set in well-encoded codes of behaviour.

Trade unions congresses

In our pedigree, there’s no shortage of jobs for the huge world of trade unions. From plenary assemblies to the main national unions, to the most diverse organisations related to the boundless universe of trade unions.

Political congresses

Ever since its dawn, Adria Congrex has felt great professional gratification in being chosen as the ‘go-to’ agency for the big political congresses that chose Rimini as the ideal setting for the best media coverage of their events, organisation-wise. But, even if the scenarios have remarkably changed since then in terms of quality and quantity, such line of business has never really died out. We also worked for the convention of a European political group (S&D).

European institution congresses

European Parliament, European Council, European Commission, Eurostat: our principals’ European institutional portfolio is certainly not a meagre one.

EuProMa (European Project Management), our business unit specialising in locating, arranging and developing European Projects, can rely on experts of time-tested reliability and experience.

Civil services congresses

Adria Congrex is qualified (as member of Mepa) to work online through the Civil Service Purchase Website, and this, combined with our long experience in working next to public institutions, has taught us to decipher the languages of bureaucracy to achieve value for money without compromising on accuracy or quality..

Governmental congresses

The experiences in which we are hired by governmental parties or world organisations are particularly challenging. One of the highest and most rewarding experiences in our professional history must definitely be FAO, as the logistic-organisational partner of the organising Committee of the FAO Summit 2001.

Working for some events of the six-month Italian Presidency of the EU, as well as for some Italian Ministries, has been equally prestigious.