To us, paying great attention to every single detail of our clients’ projects is no less than fundamental.

That’s why we try and enhance every event by creating an in-depth visual documentation which could be a useful reporting tool for the staff, while allowing all the website’s visitors to clearly understand what “events made in ACX” means

Here at ACX,  “event” doesn’t mean a mere “technical services” – but also anaccurate study of the   communication and a true development of our creative attitude.

Our special care for details allows us to create the perfect setting to represent ourclient’s deepest essence and values.

That’s the reason why ACXTravel was born: a true customer-oriented service, the ideal solution for your travel’s needs, which – for the first time – will stop being just accessories of a particular event.

ACXTravel website is now online.

And believe us, it definitely deserves a visit.