Someone would say “power is nothing without control”.

Adria Congrex claims that a company’s performance must necessarily go hand in hand with an ethical, responsible view of its profession. In other words, a corporate strategy must include concerns that go beyond the purely financial ones.

That’s why Adria Congrex implements an Ethical Code that informs the efforts of the people who work there and adds value to the services it provides; actually, by protecting the economic, environmental and social expectations of all stakeholders, without distinction, in the long run a socially accountable company will also achieve an ultimate competitive advantage.

All this is increasingly important in the local scenario (companies live and work as part of a social fabric) and in the international scenario (form the perspective of global competition).

Ethical Code

Believing in people and in the passion that everyone spends in their work is one of the strengths of AdriaCongrex.

We feel part of a team, not individual players: it is the team that wins, not the individual.

Never forget that our work always affects those who are around us: awareness has no price for us.

We are always aware of the need to provide customers with high-quality services, with care and a professional attitude.

We know that human resources are key to everything, and we believe that one of the main success factors and a driver of AdriaCongrex’s development is the professional contribution of the people who work there every day, with enthusiasm and passion.

Adherence to high quality standards, environmental sustainability and the promotion of the economic and social development of the local community are values consistently pursued by AdriaCongrex and an integral part of its mission.

Download our Ethical Code (PDF)

Long-Distance Adoption with AVSI

Since its birth, Adria Congrex has become close friends with AVSI, an association engaged in development cooperation projects in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, East Europe, the Middle East and Asia. AVSI’s many projects include long-distance sponsorships, which our company instantly felt very close to.

Since 1991, Adria Congrex has partnered with AVSI in helping with several adoptions.

This exciting adventure began with a little girl called Emily. Then came Eduarda, while now it is the turn of Mariana: she is two years old and lives in Samambaia, one of the many satellite cities around Brasilia.

The results achieved with long-distance sponsorships have been more than satisfactory and make us very proud. Emily and Eduarda have been lovingly supported through their education and schooling, in their inclusion in informal urban areas and in the prevention and protection of their health.

They have cheerfully attended entertaining and cultural activities in welcoming surroundings, becoming aware of their skills and expressing their feelings. We hope the same will happen to Mariana.

The support given to these children has unique, decisive impacts on their life and their future. That’s why Adria Congrex will passionately keep working in this area, which becomes an opportunity to be extraordinarily close to such distant worlds.

“To make a child self-confident, to make a child value and be aware of his/her skills, to boost his/her growth as a human being who is prepared to face life and its problems, at least once in a lifetime he/she must have experienced a meeting, a look that has valued, trusted, understood and welcomed him/her’– an Avsi operator working in North Uganda