Others carry. We care” isn’t only ACXTravel’s catchphrase: it’s a primary philosophy within the staff of ACX.

ACX stands for Adria Congrex – and for Advanced Congrex eXperience, too.

But there’s a key element to favour this brand new experience, which is among the founding values of every event: meeting. Which, by the way, isn’t only our ultimate goal, but also the beginning of everything.

This peculiar attention produces two factors:

  • We create meeting solutions where our clients have the opportunity to ideallylead us straight to the core of their needs.
  • Our staff’ is always available: and that not only for what concerns general referring points, but for every single member of ACX, too – along with his professional profile.

It’s the only professional and functional way to contribute to the accomplishment of our client’s mission: “we care”.