The third edition of BerrAttraction is currently under way: the only national event representing the entire production and supply chain, from beer-making technologies to the finished product. Organized by Rimini Fiera, the exhibition started on February 18 and will last until the 21st: it’s a great occasion both for beer lovers and for beginners, login for discover the magical world of beers.

Last year event collected 14,581 visitors, 350 exhibitors and 300 meetings with foreign buyers from 21 countries. Following the success of the 2nd edition, the format is now being extended and completed with the addition of the FOOD sector, offering also the HORECA (Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café) market.

The four-days event form permits to every visitor to catch in a single glance the panorama of the entire beer market and its key players from all over the world. Going to BeerAtraction you can learn the production procedures, tasting and smelling the last innovations in the field. There are many new-entries this year: from the Green’s beer (exclusively gluten free, perfect for person who suffers from celiac diseases), to coffe roasted aroma and cocoa beers.

BeerAttraction is crowded with hundreds of producers, each of them carrying its expertise and tradition. Some companies, like bavarian brewery Brauerei Kuhbach are inspired by the ´Beer Purity Law´ (Reinheitsgebot), the 16th century German law that laid down the precepts for brewing good beer. Belgian Val Dieu beers, from the brewery of the same name standing on the site of the Cistercian Abbey Notre-Dame de Val-Dieu, founded in 1216, will be exhibiting Blonde, Brune and Triple products

BeerAttraction is becoming the spokeperson of a segment of italian economy, the beer market, which is constant and healthy (more than 60% of male population consume beer every year). From 2015 to 2016, buying from large retailers increased by 4%, totalizing a 1.2 billions turnover.

This year exposition is eriched by several programmed events, ranging from the Italian Cuisine Championships organized by Italian Federation of Chefs, to pizza contests, but also an entire area, the Speciality Food Court (Hall A7), where there will be CAST Alimenti, a school of culinary arts. Recommended also is the award ceremony of “Italian Hops”, craft beer dedicated contest, counting on a 72-members jury evaluating the best three beers in every typology. Will you agree with judges? You’ll find out only tasting!