To organise an event once meant printing tons of brochures and scatter them across the city, and the better we could aim for was a short radio or tv advertisement.

Luckely Social Networks came to our aid and now they play the starring role in both the corporate and common communication activity. These extraordinary instruments offer a lot of possibilities.

The best one? The possibility to create a content and make it instantly available to hundreds of online “friends”, giving them the possibility to return an instant feedback. Not enough? Then think about the possibility to share your favorite events by posting pictures and videos live and on real-time.

Social Events 2

Possibilities are endless, but let’s not get carried away with it. Many instruments let us share a content, but before doing that we better evaluate which one is the most suitable for our purpose.

All depends on what we want to show to the public, the message we want to convey and how we want to make it available.

Everything needs to be carefully evaluated, or we could risk to offer a simple “cut and paste” on the web of what was already available on paper. Nothing more wrong than that: the simple repetition of the same concept is not an effective communication.

And there’s a simple explanation for that.

Like a company cannot pretend to see its business grow by proposing the same tv commercial for years and years, likewise it is unthinkable to effectively promote an event with a simple digital brochure that offers nothing different than the paper version.

It is necessary to innovate, to find the winning idea that could raise a feeling of curiosity and fondness in the users’ minds. Furthermore, as we said, it is necessary to know well the features of all different digital instrument.

Let’s see some concrete examples.


If we have a video to share with the users, then YouTube and Facebook are the correct choices. Or, if we want to create a photographic storytelling, we better bet on Instagram (but you better know how to use the #hashtags!!).

Another option could be Twitter, where we can post a tweet of maximum 140 characters, which may look too short efficaciously communicate a message. But this is the point: a good use of Twitter requires a concise writing. We need short and focused messages, better yet if containing a link to more detailed articles.


But remember: publishing too many posts about a single event could be harmful, the majority of users won’t like seing too many posts on their boards. So better fewer but better!

So, what is the point? Easy: digital communication is not optional anymore, it’s a must. It is unthinkable for a company to work on a good communication campaign without the use of the web, especially when it’s about the organisation of an event!

And all the above does not apply only to companies, but also to consumers: everybody needs to learn how to properly use the web and the digital instruments we have at our disposal.

Of course reading an article about an event is not the same thing as to attend the event, but this opportunity now introduces possibilities that were unthinkable until recently.

The challenge now is to learn how to use well the instruments that were given us by our digital era, without forgetting that there is nothing more beautiful than a face-to-face meeting. Maybe this is the only weakness of social networks.