We decided to start our Handbook with something any event planner will very often have to do with: hotels.

You will often happen to buy room packages, go on surveys, collect bookings and ask for services. As you do this, you will mainly have to liaise with three parties: your principal, the hotelier and the final customer (or guest).

Relations with such three parties are not always so easy; quite the opposite, they can be fairly tricky. The success of the event you have been tasked with will depend on the way you get to manage each one of those relations. Very demanding principals, dissatisfied customers, negligent hoteliers, hotels seized by Police: these are just a few of the eventualities you might bump into.

Only through experience will you learn how to cope with the many unpredictable events you will find in the organisation of your event, with an open mind and a “Zen” attitude; but learning a few tricks will not go amiss. That’s why we will show you a few situations as told by a young event planner and then we will match them with a ‘Made in ACX’ recommendation.