The news is echoing on socials, radio, newspapers, and … starts from Rimini!

It’s the realization of the dream of many: after the wine, even beer was officially cleared as healthy drink!

If in wine were vitamins and antioxidants to make the trick, here are the minerals the real stars! Especially: magnesium, phosphorus and calcium (Heard girls?! Beer does better to her than to him!)

Officialized it the doctor of our national football team, Luca Gatteschi, which from today will be the physician more loved by millions of Italians! Gatteschi cited several studies on official medical journals such as the International Journal of Sport Nutrition, in short, it seems of being a serious matter … of which many will remember!

A tip from the editors: do not let the euphoria dim your judjement and read all the news, because there is a trick! Drinking beer in moderation and low-medium alcohol content. And remember: first thing after drink: sport, not sofa!