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The Statistics: Goddesses of success!

The statistics frenzy seems to win over the crowds at the present day: there is nothing more – or nearly so – that you do, think, or say, without respect of statistical numbers. The story is describing how it is not enough to have the best and most sophisticated technical equipment, or the highest professional Know-How, to deal with a glimmer of perspective even the most unpredictable aspects with which the reality constantly pour before you. 

Far from me to demonize or belittle the work of the statisticians. I believe, however, that when the survey becomes absolute criterion, it determines a retrospective dynamic that creates a false opening on reality. Then, as soon as appears the unexpected, the imponderable, a sudden change phenomenon, we fall into utter confusion of behaviors, and mistrust dominates the market scene. 

It seems to emerge today with more and more clearness the two elements that, even in Strategic Marketing, play a decisive role: Trust and AllianceIt is not about slogans, nor new formulas of the good manager manual, but two settings of your relational universe, so delicate nevertheless incisive in the success of their company. 

We try to think of a level of customer relationships or, however, external stakeholders, with a location not prone to trade policy and the iron laws of the budget, but open to considering the situation in the game in all its factors, convinced that where there is trust, credibility and proximity, there is also consensusThe alliances are born when they conceive their services and abilities, not quite sufficient in themselves, but within a context, an environment from which and for which they can be identified in their specificity.

Alliance, also in the congress, it can not be a capacity deduced from manuals: it is a feeling that knows how to combine the respect of their peculiarities, the convenience of a common dynamic. The different actors of the “chain” have a shared responsibility, when operating in the same location, to offer the “customer / Congress” a product-destination that meets, in its complexity, just one single standard. Build, in fact, a System!

But who is the guarantee of this?

Not only a set of paper certifications. Is a thin adhesive that binds those who have, together with good professional skills, also the humility of recognizing the bound and a (I would say almost) belonging to a socio-economic fabric that does not end only in themselves.

Beautiful words – you’d say – but other thing is doing it!

The only criterion – I say – is to believe in the development of the industry: at least the one able to keep pace in comparison with the most  close to us foreign markets.


Daniele Biondi, General Manager ACX some “time” ago on the magazine Meeting e Congressi