Although the world of events can often look still anchored to a little ‘outdated working methods, such as the good old phone call (or the dreaded fax), there are tools that a smart event planner can find incredibly useful. Here we go through extensions for Google Chrome, which can really change the way people work in the office, managing to oil the cogs of the ancient working profession.

Google Chrome, in case you were living in a cave, is one of the most popular browser in recent years because of its extreme integration with all the tools that Google offers and has also an excellent optimization that make it one of the fastest browser on the network.

Checker Plus for Gmail

A smoke extension for those who use daily a Gmail email address, managing a very simple function: to notify incoming mail. Even compared to the official Gmail tool this extension takes pride in the precision of the notification (often giving notification before Gmail account itself!), Saving the HUGE EFFORT of directly opening the mail account .


Maybe you did not know you needed it, but once you try you will never let go of this again. Simply this extension allows you to exchange between phone and computer links, files, and even notifications! Calls or text messages notifications on your computer! That’s it folks.


When in an hour you get a couple of dozens of emails of customers with the most diverse demands it begins to be desired (as well as a looooonnnnnggg holiday) a tool to help you plan all the activities. With this simple tool with a few clicks you will be able to plan a successful day of work.

Evernote Web Clipper

Certainly does not require presentations the extension of Evernote: is famous and undisputed. Create notes using content taken from across the web share them with your co-workers. Easy and fast. What more do you want from life ?? A Lucano (italian tv culture reference)!

LastPass: Free Password Manager

Often we find ourselves with one million open accounts for an equally large number of online services. Then who remembers all your passwords? This extension! The only thing you have to do is remember a single keyword to the service. And you’re in business!

Web whatsapp

The use of WhatsApp it’s beginning to peep among companies as a communication tool with the public. Is your company one of these? In that case, first of all congratulations! But instead of staying glued to a 5-inch screen all day you really should try this quick and easy to install extensions from the same service WhatsApp on your phone.

(Bonus) tip center button

Did you know that by pressing the mouse wheel instead of the left button on a link, the link you clicked will open directly in another tab? Now you know! M I N D B L O W N