The European Union (EU)

The EU is now a familiar context, although not all people have very clear how it is constituted, what are its institutional bodies and their roles. It is not our purpose to deepen this subject, but you can find all the details to satisfy your curiosity on The European institutions:

Briefly, just to know about who we are talking, here are some of the main European institutions

  • EuropeanParliament
  • Council ofEurope
  • European Commission, divided into General Directorates
  • Court of Justice
  • EuropeanCentral Bank
  • Court of Auditors
  • Agencies and otherbodies

Each of these institutions continually publishescalls for procurement and financing to carry out the resolutions decided by politics. These resolutions can already be certain projects which only require the provision of services, works or products or may result of lines of work for which they are seeking ideas for funding. In this article we will focus only on the first category of calls.

Calls are published daily on the European Official Journal, or database TED (Tenders Electronic Daily). They relate to the purchase of goods or services necessary for the running of the planned activities.

These invitations to participate to identify between companies from EU Member States, the best bid / best project, are called CALL FOR TENDER


The steps of Calls for Tender

  • Publication of the call
  • Verification, by the company interested in the call, of compliance with the minimum technical and economic requirements
  • Realization of a possible consortium between different companies to better meet the needs of the client and increase their chances
  • Processing of the offer (technical, economic and administrative)
  • Enter the offer in the manner and within the time specified by the tender
  • Selection of the company (or companies) awarded and publication of the results on TED
  • Signing of the agreement which will regulate all operative and administrative phases thereafter.

Calls for Tender may be relative or to individual products / works / services or to FRAMEWORK PROGRAMMES, biennial or quadrennial.

In any tender, but especially in the framework programs, the call may be awarded to more than one of the participating companies (in this case a Multiple Framework Contract is signed). The winners will have the opportunity to participate in subsequent races for individual services provided through a procedure only dedicated to them, during which they will compete to win the individual service and sign the specific contract.

If several bidders calls, may be proposed the signing of a “cascade” contract (Multiple Framework Contract in Cascade), in this case there is a classification of the first three (or more) bidders. The services will then be requested directly from the first successful, but if he was not able to present the offer, it would pass to the second and so on..

Anna Lisa: ACX experience and professionalism, recognized in Europe.

Call for Tender often require the organization of events, which is why Adria Congrex has became an expert!

Our spearhead is Anna Lisa Fuligni, who started for us to venture into the intricacies of European procurement, developing an expertise in research, regulatory and processing offers and partnership, which made the EU procurement sector, one of the leading sectors ACX.

Her ability, supported by the professionalism of our team, has been officially recognized in Brussels, where the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce has invited Anna Lisato a teaching of 33 hours in Master in International Business Development. Her teachingwas held from the 14 to 22 march 2016 , the Master itself has a duration of 4 months).

has invited her to a teaching of 33ore in Master in International Business Development was held from the 14/03 / 2016 to 22/03/2016 (the Master itself has a duration of 4 months).

Theg subject of her form was “Characteristics of European tenders and procedures for the submission of a bid” during which the theoretical lessons were joined by a practical activity of Project Work. Student, divided into 4 groups, have produced a complete package of supply in response to 4 different proclamations issued by the European institutions. The evaluation of these working groups helped determine the final evaluation of the master.The master had 15 student recent graduates from all over Italy.