Spring is coming, we begin to feel the warmth of  the new season, and to see the awakening of nature…what a desire to go out and stay open-air! Is there a better moment than this to organize a beautiful en plein air event, bringing our colleagues and friends out of their offices? Let’s knock off desks and artificial lights for one day, and combine business with pleasure setting up a meeting in the middle of nature!

Started in north Europe, open-air party trend is now spreading all over Italy, were brand presentations and inaugurations began to populate the green areas of our cities. An open-air event give us the advantage to think of  creative solution in a different contest than the habitual. But it is not so simple as to bring in the garden our buffet table. You wanna try anything unlike the usual? Here some creative ideas to make your congress-meeting-press conference-promotionla event-team building unforgettable!

First of all let’s start from the basis. Like any other convention, we have to deal with:

  • Location & Setting up
  • Catering
  • Security
  • Photos and videos
  • Authorisation
  • Logistic for guests
  • Invitation

Location is always fundamental, but even more in an open-air event. It is essential to find the right one, fitting the needs of company, guests and sponsors. We have so much freedom, and the goal is to amaze our clients: let’s let loose our fantasy! Even if our is an high-level event, we don’t have to be afraid to experiment new and unusual set-ups, playing with gaudy colours and innovative materials, creating the right atmosphere using a mix of amateur and professional skills. It’s important that out event is comfortable for our guests, being memorable for all partecipants.

Being enjoyful for participants is not the only goal of an event, but today more than ever organizing one is becoming a  real communication tool, able to keep us in direct contact with our clients, potential dealers and audience, spreading our brand values without intermediaries. For this reason every choice we make while organizing the event, from the location to the menu, has to match and be coherent with the message we want to communicate.

For example, we can choose to realize our events in an eco-sustainable way, adding value to our territory, selecting a zero-kilometre catering and involving local producers. Instead of the a classic buffet, set-up a catering similar to some culinary street markets, offering typical products directly from the producers to the consumer.

We can also adopt a more playful and recreational style, inserting these elements:

  • Fireworks
  • Live Music
  • Dj Set
  • Entertainment

Depending on the budget, we can choose more extravagant solutions, like a topic-party, setting-up dinner areas with the shape of old-style carousels, or suggesting the topic in a softer way, renting ice-cream carts for coffee-breaks, generating a fifties atmosphere.

To organize open-air events can bring only advantages. It creates a distance from the job office, giving the sensation of having a break, distending nerves and creating a better disposition in the participants. It gives oxygen to the brain, avoiding the typical sleepiness that take us during inside meetings. Furthermore, it boosts lateral thinking: how many new ideas can spout thanks a location change!

What are we waiting for? Everybody out of the office and use your fantasy!