When organizing an event, be a conference or a business dinner, there are a myriad of things to organize, manage, inventing … and often we tend to overlook what is seemingly “routine”: the invitation to the event.

Deepen in the near future what not and must miss the invitation, today we will limit the issue of CODES present in the invitation that often are a challenge to both the writer that receivers: the Dress Code.

Since it is a code, it is important that everyone uses the words as they are codified by convention and not elsewhere

So to give a hand to both, here some information about the dress code, the recommended dress / mandatory to attend the event:

White Tie

It is the top of elegance request: full tuxedo with white vest white handkerchief in his breast pocket, for men; long dress from great evening, nothing strange colors, hairdo, bare arms and absolutely no false jewelery for the ladies. It is reserved for very very prestigious events and famous people.

Black Tie

Just one step below, evening events: black smoking, black silk bow tie, withe shirt with cufflinks and shoes oxford shiny for him.

For her, long or below the knee dress and low-cut, very elegant. Nothing too flashy jewelry.

A fan of Black Tie is the timeless James Bond


Creative Black Tie

Footer trend: smoking with fashion accessories for him, for her elegant dress, black or colored, not garish, with jewelry and stylish accessories. Often it tied to theme nights.

Cocktail Dress

Not too formal: for him dark suit, white shirt and dark tie, for her elegant dress, black or colored not garish, half-length. hairdo, sophisticated accessories.

For romantics: there is a nice Julia Roberts in its starting, desperately trying to understand what’s a cocktail dress in Pretty Woman

julia roberts


Not too formal: dark suit, light shirt, tie for him. Trouser suit or dark sheath dress, hairdo for her. Never excessive accessories

Business Casual

No formal: dress, also broken, no jeans, but admitted the sweater, light shirt and tie for him. Trouser suit or dark sheath for her


Non-formal, but ever cured. Especially men! They are allowed jeans and polo shirts and loafers. For her any particular indication

Surely this list does not exhaust a code born in ‘800 and still in vogue as an international convention. However it covers a good deal of events.

In any case, if it is not spelled out the words “mandatory”, it is just a suggestion, however, to keep in mind: to present in long silk dress, quilted Swarovski if it says “Casual” is highly to be avoided!