We have already mentioned how the management of our activities can become an overwhelming problem, especially for those who organize events. We told about the first step of time management: understanding how to distinguish by emergencies priority (See here).

Today we focus on other two magic words:

efficiency and effectiveness

in this case it is not a duel, because they serve both for the realization of my projects. This time it’s to find fine-tuning.

What is the efficiency?

It is the relationship between the result achieved and the resources used to obtain it.

For example: a car that run for 6 miles with 1 liter of fuel, undoubtedly is less efficient than another that with the same liter makes 15 miles!

In our imagination is efficient the employee with eight arms, which every day put 100 practices on the desk and is able to finish everything, despite two hours of front-office, 200 emails and 50 phone calls … And maybe even went to the morning briefing!

What is the efficiency?

It is the ability to reach a predetermined goal, on scheduled time. This goal can also be a long-term, strategic one.

Easier to write than to be realized!

To adjust the shot

Clearly if you reach all your goals on time and with minimal effort, this is the top! This allows us to have satisfied customers and employees, and, over time have not lost, you can always make development!

At that you say, “Do you like to win easy! Too bad it’s never like that! “

True! Hence two small straight to start some change:

  1. Reasoning for goals

Efficiency can be “blind”, pays no attention to the strategies, only to complete all tasks in the most appropriate way to save time and effort. But who decides what to do and what not? It must be the ability to plan effectively the activities to do, because of the myriad of actions calling every day to be carried out, not all are essential to the achievement of my goals.

In summary: reason effectively and then act efficiently. If you do otherwise you risk losing a lot of time!

  1. Reasoning dynamically

The effectiveness is a more qualitative than quantitative term and as such can have a little “head in the clouds”. If I have three months to organize an event, what do I do? Normally I’m happy to take three months, paying particular attention to how they get there, as long as the result is beautiful!

This attitude has little breath: on the one hand does not makes me want to improve myself, on the other hand limits the number of projects that I can carry on  simultaneously.

Instead, each organizational action that I make has to become a process, against which to analyze the pros and cons, continually searching for possible upgrades. Above all it is important to keep up with the tools that the new technologies put at our disposal.

This will allow us the next time we make the most of the experience, reducing time to implementation of activities and making our process, not only effective, but more and more efficient. And maybe we can make some new customers!

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