For people who are new to the world of the organization of events and projects, this is one of the fundamental questions which have to find an answer, every time!

Indeed! Because you should know that to set up an event is not enough to be ‘very organized’ and with a strong ability to relate to others, but you have to learn to deal with the great unknown of every project: stakeholders! We must develop the ability to recognize and “please them all.”

But who are the stakeholders of my event?

Concretely they are subject directly involved from the event, whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by the organization, by the unfolding or results of our congress.

In a nutshell, they are all those who can have their say about our work!

Surely the first stakeholder is our customer, but it is easy to see how it can not be the only one! Each event involves many people: sponsors, suppliers, front man, the public, etc. This surely is one of the most interesting parts of our business: continuously weaving relationships, come in for a bit ‘in the world of other people. But all is not rosy: each event has its stakeholders and whenever necessary to identify, trying not to forget anyone and to reconcile often conflicting interests.

A good event planner will see from this: being able to read the reality in which it is born, grows and will carry out his project, understand its social and cultural context and from there know how to best advise his client.

Hence 3 errors where not incur, for the good of your event:

1… So the customer knows everything

Pure utopia! Truly the client is the expert in the field, but to make the project manager is not his job, but yours. He will inform you about the main stakeholders, but do not assume that they are all there.

2… The important thing is to please the boss

A company has several people who have decision-making power. Do not think that is enough to make the product that best meets the expectations of the “boss”, because often you will have to relate to the operation of the project with other people you can trust. So care to hold in high esteem even their expectations about the event … neglect is a boomerang!

3… If we’re fitting all, we’re good!

Sometimes we think the location is only a quesitone logistics and do not care much. After all, even the most stubborn customer gives up a conference room with 40 seats with a view of the stacks, if he wants to invite 1,000 people. However, we must never let our guard down: not all themes can be treated everywhere.

Each location is situated in a rich context of particular sensitivity and its territorial living. Some issues, sometimes also certain sponsors, can reveal critical issues that must be provided. Sometimes it may be interesting to involve “our” neighbors and meet their requirements, creating additional added value to the event, other times it is simply better to choose another location.