Time is ticking away…Be-Wizard!, the most famous Digital Marketing event in Italy is starting tomorrow. Meetings and seminars are programmed on March 31st and Aprile 1st, engaging lovers of the matter and counting on the presence of the most renowned experts in the world. Titanka and Promozione Alberghiera are in charge of the organization of the event, hosted by Rimini Congress Palace.

This will be the ninth edition of BE-Wizard!, which in the past years have gained great reputation, due to the great educational offer in the field of Digital Marketing and for the many lessons, studies and focuses that it fosters. Past editions have seen more than 5700 persons participating.

The chosen topic of 2017 edition is “Digital Experience”, starting with the assumption – as written in the event website – that “there is no longer any difference between online and offline: we now live in a digital world and the way people relate to you and your company has changed. For this reason, it is essential to create a people-centric digital experience, one that is both memorable and effective for your business”. The chosen topic will be developed in several sessions, each of them dedicated to a specific sector. Entrepreneurs, managers, tour operators, bloggers, influencers and professionals of the Web Marketing sector will get together to listen to the best expert’s advices.

This year edition program consists in two different dimensions: a plenary session and several other abut specific themes (BE TURISM, WELCOMING CITIES, BW BUSINESS, BW ADVANCED MARKETING, BW DIGITAL FOOD MARKETING). We suggest you to follow  the speech by Eugenio Angelino, CEO at Promozione Alberghiera Rimini, entitled “Entertainment is a serious thing”, planned at 16 p.m on March 31st.

Do you want to be a Digital Marketing “wizard”? BE-Wizard! is the one. See you there!