About 35 events in 4 years, situated in almost entire Europe, counting for 6 millions euro. That was the prize declared by FRONTEX in Autumn 2016 within Frontex/OP/408/2016/KM Call for Tender, to which ten great European professional congress organizers responded.

FRONTEX is the European Union agency fostering the free movement of people and dealing with border and costal police. Founded in 2004 in order to help EU Countries inside the Schengen Area managing their borders and to facilitate EU members collaboration, its main task is to provide technical assistance and know-how, coordinating maritime and operations (even in Italy).

FRONTEX plays an important role in the Schengen area because of the free circulation of citizens and of the absence of strict controls at the inner borders. This coordinating role is increasingly important for European security, especially in our times, characterized by a growing risk of finding terrorists mixed up with more than 700 millions migrants crossing borders every year. Facing this emergency, FRONTEX fosters cross-border information, works towards long-term solutions and organizes educational course for European border police. Thanks to these programs, every Country is up to date about the last control methods and technologies.

FRONTEX organizes several events in various Country in order to fulfill its advisory, educative and coordinating duties. Periodically, several European events agencies participate in FRONTEX Call for Tender, hoping to be chosen as official organizer.

Adria Congrex was the only Italian company participating and, thanks to a technical offer gaining the highest score, was able to beat some sectoral giants and be selected as the best in the competition.

“The ever growing competence and passion that I see in every division of Adria Congrex help me to overcome that wall of insecurity produced every day by the market”, commented Daniele Biondi. He expressed also his satisfaction for agency’s ability in reaching autonomously the highest competences in European Calls for Tender.

The Adria Congrex team for European Tenders was born thanks to the passion and dedication of Anna Lisa Fuligni and Veronica Ambrosini, and has become one of the strong points of the company, which now can contribute to this far-reaching project.

Adria Congrex’s events for FRONTEX will cover several aspects: meetings, seminars, educational courses…in short everything useful to achieve this important European agency’s objectives.