The privacy policy of this website

This page describes the way the website is managed in terms of users’ privacy. This notice is provided under art.13, Legislative Decree no. 196, 30th June 2003, also known as “Privacy Act”, to users who interact with the web services of “Adria Congrex srl”, which are electronically accessible at, the home page of the official website.

This notice is solely provided for the website of “Adria Congrex” and does not apply to any other website the user may link to. This notice is inspired by Recommendation no. 2/2001 which the European Privacy Authorities, gathered in the group set up by art. no. 29 of EC Directive no. 95/46/EC, enacted on May 17th 2001 to set forth minimum requirements for the online collection of personal data, especially the methods, timing and type of information that data controllers need to provide users with when they log into a web page, regardless of the purpose such data are collected for.

Data controller

Data about identified or identifiable people may be processed as a result of browsing this website. The “data controller” is “Adria Congrex srl”, based in Via Sassonia, 30 – 47922 Rimini.

Data supervisors

Pursuant to article 13, paragraph 1 – letter f), Legislative Decree no. 196, 30th June 2003, “When the data controller has appointed multiple data supervisors, at least one of them must be mentioned, alongside the website of the communication network or the ways in which the updated list of data supervisors can be easily consulted”. In keeping with such statutory rule, an updated list of data supervisors is available. Write an email to or send a fax to 0541/305842 to receive such list.

Data-processing venue

Any data processing operation associated with the web services of this website takes place at the Data controller’s premises, as mentioned above, and is solely carried out by technical staff of the designated data-processing office or by people who may be occasionally appointed to service the website. No data resulting from the web service are disclosed or published.

Personal data provided by users who send in their enquiries (brochures, leaflets, quotations, etc.) are only used to perform the services as requested and are not disclosed to any third party.

Type of data

Browser data

In the course of their routine work, the electronic systems and software procedures that operate this website may collect personal data which are inherently transmitted when using Internet communication protocols (Internet domain and IP protocol, type of browser and operating system of the computer, date, time and length of stay in the website, pages viewed, search engine to access the website).

Such details are not collected to be matched with identified users, but, because of their nature, they could be processed or matched to details held by third parties so that users could be identified.

Such type of details include IP addresses or domain names of the computers used to log in to the website, URIs (Uniform Resource Identifier), time of querying, querying method, size of the file received as a reply, numerical code associated with the status of the server’s reply (successfully completed, error, etc.) and other details of the user’s operating system and digital environment. Such details are solely used to process anonymous statistics about the way the website is used and make sure it works properly, and they are immediately deleted once processed. Automatically-collected details may be used by “Adria Congrex srl” to investigate any alleged cyber-crime committed against the website, for statistical purposes, or to improve the browsing experience and the contents of the website. Except when used to investigate cyber-crime, the details of the web contacts are deleted within seven days.

Optional details

By optionally, expressly and deliberately sending emails to the addresses listed in this website, the sender’s address is automatically saved to reply to the user’s enquiries, along with any other personal detail that may be included in the message. Please note that the personal and/or corporate details entered in the forms posted on the “” website are protected by “Adria Congrex srl” and used to reply to the user’s enquiries, to provide information to or contact the user about the services provided or any promotion and/or deal.

Option to provide personal data

Except as stated for browser details, users are free to provide their personal data entered in the enquiry forms of “Adria Congrex srl”.

Users need to provide their personal data and their agreement if they want to use the service provided.

If users do not send or cancel their agreement, their enquiries will be cancelled and the website’s services will not be provided.

Data-processing method

Personal data are processed by automatic systems only for as long as needed to achieve the purposes they have been collected for. Special security measures are taken to prevent data loss, illegal or improper use, or unauthorised access. Please note that, in order to provide an exhaustive service, the website contains links to other websites managed by other data controllers. We shall not be liable for any mistake, content, cookie, immoral or illegal publication, advertisement, banner or file that fails to meet the applicable regulations or the Privacy rules on websites we do not manage ourselves.


Personal data may be disclosed to:

Subsidiaries or affiliates of “Adria Congrex srl”;

Governmental authorities in fulfilment of laws, regulations or EU rules;

Sent abroad with the user’s authorisation and within the limits set forth by articles 42 and 43, Legislative Decree no. 196.

Users’ rights

At any time, users are entitled to be confirmed the existence of their personal data, their contents and source, to check if they are accurate, to have them completed or updated, or corrected (art. 7 Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 – full text).

Pursuant to such article, users are entitled to ask that their personal data be deleted, converted into an anonymous form or blocked if used in breach of the law, or to oppose to the processing thereof for legitimate purposes. Users shall send their request to the Data controller by writing an email to or sending a fax to 0541/305842.

In connection with data processing operations, users may assert the rights conferred by Article no. 7, Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the full text of which may be found below:

“ 1. Users are entitled to be confirmed whether their personal data exist or not, even if not recorded yet, and to be disclosed such details in an intelligible form.

  1. Users are entitled to be informed about:
  2. a) source of personal data;
  3. b) how their personal data will be processed and for which purposes;
  4. c) the data-processing rationale if their personal data are electronically processed;
  5. d) ID details of the data controller, data supervisors and contact person, under article 5, paragraph 2;
  6. e) people or groups of people to whom their personal data may be disclosed or who may come into possession of their personal data as contact persons in the Country, or any supervisor or designated person.
  7. Users are entitled:
  8. a) to have their personal data updated, corrected or, if interested, completed;
  9. b) to have their personal data deleted, converted to an anonymous form, or blocked if used in breach of the law, including those details that do not have to be saved in connection with the purpose such details have been collected or processed for;
  10. c) to be confirmed that the people to whom their personal data have been disclosed have been made aware of the operations listed at letters a) and b), unless such measure turns out to be unfeasible or would involve using means that are overtly disproportionate to the protected right.
  11. Users are entitled to fully or partly oppose:
  12. a) for legitimate reasons, to have their personal data processed even if relevant to the purpose they have been collected for;
  13. b) to have their personal data processed for sending advertising or direct-sale materials, or for market surveys or commercial information.