These days (2 to 4 June) is being held in Rimini one of the reference events of Cardiology in Italy. The National Association of Hospital Cardiologists (ANMCO), the most important of the Italian association, held its 47th National Congress with the participation of over 2500 people, which will be divided between the many moments provided by a dense program, which provides also joint sessions with the main reference foreign companies in world cardiology and events inside the event.

The congress

  • Invited lecteur. Two exceptional players in plenary session: Professor Fausto J. Pinto and Professor Marc A. Pfeffer
  • Symposia and Mini Symposia: important moments of confrontation on issues of greatest relevance.
  • Joint symposia: 4 in English with American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association, the European Society of Cardiology, European Council on Arterial Hypertension of the European Society of Cardiology. Two in Italian, with the Italian Federation of Cardiology and the National Institute of Health.
  • Minimaster: three hours single-issue in-depth. Sessions limited.
  • Interactive sessions: interactive clinical cases to be addressed in the group, with the aid of 260 individual workstations equipped with iPad, PC monitors and wide screen desktop
  • Vi.P Echo Session and Vi.P Clinical Session: where Vi.P stands for Virtual Patient, are sessions focused on the use of last-generation simulators SonoSim US Mentor and Body Interac. These virtual reality simulators create the conditions for practicing and learning by ensuring full patient safety.
  • Forum-Focus: Comparison moments dedicated to major innovations.
  • Meet the expert: open discussions among participants and experts, continuously and informally, in 30/60 ‘sessions.
  • Readings: insights on specific topics
  • My approach to …: opinion leaders compare their practical approach to complex problems, providing participants with elements to guide clinical practice.
  • Communications sessions: is the traditional Congress, focused on cardiology research in Italy. Various speakers will present their research and clinical practice works (exhibition + discussion), during the different thematic sessions, distributed along all the days to PalaCongressi.
  • E-Poster session: with the assistance of a moderator and monitor dedicated to individual posters, moments for the presentation of his works are planned.


The events inside the event

  • Cardiofrontex: close comparison between the Presidents of the Foreign Society of Cardiology of the countries bordering the Mediterranean, in order to jointly find concrete answers to today’s challenges, promoting the Italian model as a point of reference.
  • 25th anniversary of the ANMCO Study Centre: Working dinner with 1000 guests to celebrate and covers the years of studies and achievements.
  • Referral ECG Championship – Second edition: supported by some of the most recognized world experts in electrocardiography, participants are put to the test in recognizing sixteen complexes ECG in eight minutes. To the first 3 classified three modern electrocardiographs, the prize will be delivered during the Opening Ceremony of the Congress.
  • Prize “Vincenzo Masini”: award for the best scientific communications of cardiologists under 40.
  • Award-Maseri Florio Foundation “For Your Heart”: award for the best clinical cases of cardiologists under 40.
  • Cardioclick: a photographic exhibition, outcome of the competition “Profession Cardiologist” on the figure of the specialist, its scientific, social, and cultural role.

Training ECM

  • Clinical Competence Course Nursing ANMCO – Managing heart failure: 2 to 4 June, pointing to nurses with the aim to increase their operational autonomy, filling the gaps between initial training and professional practice with full potential. 4 thematic modules, represented by clinical cases, developed through problem solving and critical thinking.
  • ROLL-OUT “Update CPR-ECC 2015 guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation instructors ANMCO-AHA”: on the afternoon of June 4, three sessions during which distinguished trainers will update physicians alongside theory and practical exercises.

The role of Rimini

Rimini has proved an ideal location for the 47th National Congress ANMCO.

On the one hand the strong ACX synergy with its territory, traditionally suited to hospitality, allowed the reception of all participants and the utmost attention to the complex logistics of the event.

On the other hand the PalaCongressi Rimini revealed the charm of all its Hi-Tech predisposition:

  • The Village, with two media rooms, completely soundproofed and air conditioned, with giant LED wall dynamic projection, with 100 seats each.
  • The Sala Piazza with plasma touch screen, ideal for poster sections.
  • Sala Plenaria Anfiteatro with dynamic and holographic projection on 3 large LED-wall interactive curved.
  • Agorà, multimedia interactive classrooom: with 260 individual workstations, hosts interactive sessions in groups.
  • Large lounge, multimedia, reserved for ANMCO Fellows, with Wi-Fi, seating areas, free all time catering, newsstand, real time download publications etc.

All this has given the organizers the opportunity to formative moments unthinkable in other places, as well as the enrichment of the conference format and benefits to the participants, with the great satisfaction of all.