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Adria Congrex is a PCO (Professional Congress Organizer) launched in January 1991 as an initiative of two coops, Promozione Alberghiera di Rimini and Promhotels di Riccione: in the Seventies, the two coops set up their own Congress Division and in the early Nineties they decided to open a dedicated company.

ACX Action

ACX Action is the new label born from the union of PA Incentive,  Adria Congrex and ACX Consulting, that brings together under a single structure, different skills able to guarantee a complete service of the highest profile:

  • A congressional division (PCO) with 30 years of international experience and reliability;
  • A team dedicated to Territorial Marketing (DMC) which over the years has expanded its competences and experience nationwide in the fields of sport, professional education and corporate events;
  • An integrated communication agency able to offer innovative solutions to clients’ needs;
  • a resident team of experts in European matters to ensure maximum administrative rigor and respect for the rules and to respond to the market with quality, punctuality and motivation.

ACX Action: the advantage of having a single point of reference, a table around which ideas come to life, are contaminated and materialize. 

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