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The International Centre for Studies on Tourism Economics of the Venice University Ca’ Foscari, invited the General Director of Adria Congrex, Mr Daniele Biondi, to give a contribution about the “Peculiarities of the life of a PCO at this particular time of transformations”.

The speech took place within the Laboratory of Events Management.

After an introduction of the professional profile of ACX, Mr Biondi entered into the merits of the strategy: what changes, today, in the conference organisation?

The Vision behind the new ACX approach reads: “From coordinator of logistical and organisational services, […]


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Event planner manual

A monthly release, chapter after chapter, our Event Planner’s Manual presents those activities you necessarily have to deal with while organizing any kind of event.

Every subject is introduced by three stories – provided by the experience of ACX’s Project Leaders – along with an Adriacongrex-approved advice…

Where to start? Well…with the first, funny chapter!

Chapter 1: Hotels

Unconventional ACX

Adria Congrex, a hundred hands for your business