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» Gestire il proprio profilo su Linkedin

We are pleased to announce that registration for the new course on creating and managing the LinkedIn profile, promoted and organized by Adria Congrex with the collaboration of Mimulus, is now open!

LinkedIn was initially created as a job search tool (a topic which is still current given the job crisis), but now has grown to such an extent that it has become one of those social network where you need to be present to demonstrate a certain degree of understanding of the current communication tools.

Only in Italy, LinkedIn experienced a [...]


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Event planner manual

A monthly release, chapter after chapter, our Event Planner’s Manual presents those activities you necessarily have to deal with while organizing any kind of event.

Every subject is introduced by three stories – provided by the experience of ACX’s Project Leaders – along with an Adriacongrex-approved advice…

Where to start? Well…with the first, funny chapter!

Chapter 1: Hotels

Unconventional ACX

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