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» Abiti Scarpe Accessori e altre poesie

During the recent Xmas holidays the first “literary effort” of our colleague Selene Contadini (Hotel Contractor in ACX) came to light.

Well, yes! Who would have thought it?!?

Behind a life dedicated to congresses and hotels, bloomed a poetry flower with an intensity and an elegance that only who comes close can feel.

Congratulating with Selene, we accept the invitation to her book presentation Clothes shoes accessories and other poetries (Raffaelli Editore) that will take place in Rimini on the 31st of January [...]


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Event planner manual

A monthly release, chapter after chapter, our Event Planner’s Manual presents those activities you necessarily have to deal with while organizing any kind of event.

Every subject is introduced by three stories – provided by the experience of ACX’s Project Leaders – along with an Adriacongrex-approved advice…

Where to start? Well…with the first, funny chapter!

Chapter 1: Hotels

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